There seems to be a growing general consensus among people on both what are conventionally called the Left and Right, in both the East and West, that we are at an inflection point.

There is a dawning realization that the West has peaked and has entered a period of perhaps slow, but inexorable decline. This is evidenced by a crisis of confidence in government, academia, media & in all purported authority together.

With the intimation that an era is coming to a close there is also growing sense of anxiety on the part of perceptive observers who are coming to realize that the now failed ideologies of the 19th and 20th centuries have little to offer us in the  way of guidance in the face of an uncertain future.

The way forward may lie in the process of pursuing a question that spiritual seeker and intrepid adventurer G. l. Gurdjieff framed for himself over 100 years ago: “What is the purpose of life on Earth and of human life in particular?”

Or to rephrase his inquiry in another way, that’s more pertinent to our situation: Does the failure of modern culture have something to do with misunderstanding our purpose for being here, and with substituting a number of inherently limited, ultimately self-defeating purposes in its place?

Spiritual Sun is meant to offer a meeting ground for those who may wish to take this most serious of questions seriously, and to provide a forum for critique of contemporary culture, politics, arts and sciences. We also hope to provide positive insights into the sort human institutions that can fill the void left by the collapse of modernity, as well as an understanding of the changes we must be willing to make in order to become the type of people who can realize the needs of our time.

5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Good thoughts. The 21st century [society] is in need of tools to separate itself from the past centuries’ methods. Organized and traditional religions (and governments) are not going to help anyone in the future, except as examples and warnings.

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    • Contemporary exoteric religions are badly astray, but might there not be some deeper understanding from which they originally sprang? A kind of perennial truth that is valid in all places at all times?


  2. Harharkh:

    Of course there is- read some Guenon or other perennialists. There is both exoteric and esoteric commonalities, but the common themes include an initiation, as well as a transcendence.

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