We shall build and cultivate an organic state or states that will gradually replace this one as it breaks up, similar to the way that Kingdoms of Europe that sprang up to fill the gaps in the receding Western Roman Empire.

On Real Will

A recent discussion on the subject of hate had turned contentious. One man, quite attached to his negative emotions, had insisted that hate of evil could be dispassionate and righteous. Aristokles pointed out that therein lay a trap; once one has justified hating evil, one soon begins to hate that which is merely adverse to one’s person.

From Orlando to Utopia

A Serious Multicultural Proposal – Freedom is what we’re all about in America. That’s why gay people have rights, thank goodness. They have the right to hold regular jobs and get married, and openly advertise their public debaucheries. They even have the legal perk of being able to force anyone they want to make them…

The Fungibility of Rage

  After the mass shooting in San Bernadino in December of 2015, the media displayed a baffling level of confusion. Was this a terrorist attack by radical Islamists, or an act of workplace violence by an American citizen? For several days it didn’t seem to occur to anyone in the mainstream press that it could…

A Catalog of Unforced Errors

What would a small measure of success look like for contemporary reaction? Certainly political power is out of the question for now. The formation of some kind of model community in a rural location may be possible eventually, but for now a critical mass of committed people seems to be lacking. The same goes for…