This idea highlights a fundamental difference between #CRx and modernist revolutionary ideologies like Liberalism, Marxism, #AltRight, and #NRx. We understand that the crisis is an inversion of castes, the absence of a spiritual elite.

For this reason, the road back isn’t a demotic political scheme, because the crisis is metaphysical, not political. Expanding the Overton window is irrelevant, because the masses are irrelevant. The window needs to be slammed shut, not shifted. 

What we need is conscious men capable and worthy of leadership:

Nepsis, not mere cleverness.

Chivalry, not game.

Christ, not Gnon/Pepe.

Our NRx friends often repeat “politics is downstream from culture.” This is true, but very incomplete. Culture is downstream from religion, which is downstream from metaphysics, which is downstream from initiation. And the West has forgotten what initiation is.

Here’s a pro tip: initiation has nothing to do with occult foolishness, and everything to do with cultivating attention and virtue. (“Wherefore he saith, Awake, thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall shine upon thee.” – Ephesians 5:14)

“Become worthy”, if it is more than a slogan or meme, requires real work, an Aim, and a Teacher.

6 thoughts on “#CRx

  1. This site does not seem to attract much attention but does merit a few comments.

    Todays problem is that far too many people want to follow a higher power/person. We do not have a strong culture in which one is encouraged to think independently and then share their thoughts respectfully with others. We need to look at the world without preconceived ideas or so-called “ancient wisdom”. Those who look amongst the rubble of old ideas will never be able to build a better future.


      • C.S. Lewis is wrong. We need to move past our primitive emotions, fears and beliefs to a rational and enlightened consciousness before we destroy ourselves and the planet.


      • It is a peculiarly modern idea that the ancients were primitive; they weren’t. In fact, civilization itself is a result of conscious higher influences. The current state of things is a result of an abandonment of the eternal in favor of the ephemeral and the subjective. Why should one assume that the latest point in time is the most rational or conscious? That would imply that conscious evolution proceeds in an inevitable arc, always upward, which history clearly shows is not the case.

        Check out “Ideas Have Consequences” by Richard Weaver or “The Reign of Quantity” by Rene Guenon for a crystalline exposition of these truths.

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