“What is needed is not a revolution in the opposite direction, but the opposite of a revolution.”

Joseph de Maistre

The polis is already a gay disco. There is no duty for us there except to withdraw all energies. We need to consider our duties to the “shadow polis”. What do we mean by the shadow polis? It’s the social body that already exists in nascent form wherever there are healthy, God-fearing families. So we build on that. We inhabit the catacombs underneath the system. If you need a loan to buy or build a home, or to go to school, or start a business, you go to Shadow Credit Network, not Usura Federal Bank & Distrust. If you want to educate your child, you send him to the Shadow Academy rather than Cathedral University Inc. If those institutions do not yet exist in your area, you build them. You don’t waste time, money, or energy on demotic illusions.


It must be clearly understood that we do not want to control this state. That is not our goal. Even with a new Constantine, it would be a nightmare to attempt to work with the mechanisms of the existing system: the bureaucracy, the “deep state”, and the endless maze of interlocking intelligence agencies. Such a task would require never-ending purges. A clean break is better.

However, neither is it our strategy to kick out the struts of the current system. Even if that could conceivably be done, the sudden discontinuity in public services and infrastructure maintenance would produce a severe level of chaos. A prolonged interregnum could set civilization back hundreds of years. Counter-revolutionaries operate as a source of order, not a source of disruption. We win by keeping our heads at just the point that the status quo elites begin losing theirs, and having backup systems that are ready to go. Certain segments of the wealthy and powerful may even be willing to lend us their allegiance if they deem us responsible enough to preserve some of their assets.

Instead, we shall build and cultivate an organic state or states that will gradually replace this one as it breaks up, similar to the way that Kingdoms of Europe that sprang up to fill the gaps in the receding Western Roman Empire.

Build a new town right inside your town; a shadow society with a shadow economy; a shadow government with shadow leaders. We work in the shadows at the margins of the system, but we are not marginal. We are out of sight but not fringe. We are preparing and waiting to eventually step in to take up the slack where and when Leviathan falters or fails.

When people in an area start going to the local representative of the counter-revolutionary brotherhood for relief and justice we’ve won, even if the USG is still formally in charge, or effectively in charge in other regions. This is a process – a multi-generational sea change.

We must fight our battles one at a time, and that’s easier if we’re slippery and flexible. We are not trying to convince the masses or make a statement to the disinterested. The Left never does anything quietly. Let us not emulate them. Let us act now and talk later.


The catacombs as a strategic retreat

We inhabit the catacombs as a strategic retreat while recruiting and training future Constantines.

The catacombs are obviously a metaphor. In reality, this work will proceed at the local level in many different places. The situation on the ground being different in each place, the counter-revolutionary leadership in each locale must be able to act autonomously. Each regional organization exists as a node in a larger network. Leaders in this network must have the utmost discipline, discretion, and discernment. The level of Being necessary for a man to be suited for this kind of leadership is rare, but it can be acquired through special training. That’s where we at Spiritual Sun come into the picture.

We are forming an as-yet unnamed Order to recruit and train counter-revolutionaries. Membership is by invitation only, but anyone can apply to enter the training program. Only the serious and focused will complete the training required to get an invitation to enter the Order. In this way, we prevent entryism and ill conceived efforts by the unprepared. The Order will act as a clearinghouse – not a central command – ensuring that every man in the network is on the same page spiritually and morally, and has passed a certain minimum threshold of efficacy and integrity.

Up until a few years ago the globalist juggernaut seemed unstoppable, but now it seems to encounter new roadblocks every day. Certain forms of resistance frustrate the globalist agenda more than others. At this moment we are just being shown what does and does not work, if we’re paying attention. Here in the West, what does not work is the easily manipulated democratic process.

We need to overcome the demotic conditioning that tells us it is necessary to be part of some sort of majority to rule. We’ll have “the people” with us when we need them. Until then, that’s a distraction. We will not rely on them for organization, manpower or finance. We will have what they need in the end, when the global economy is stretched to the breaking point by the demands of the developing world. At that point the people will recognize that they need us for very basic resources and services that are no longer available.

If the current system is sustainable, then all of this is irrelevant, but it’s hard to see how that could be the case. Global capital relies on ever increasing production and consumption. The credible promise to the Third World is that they too will have their day in the sun. The planet, however, has limited resources to deal with exponential expansion. The global economy is something of a Ponzi scheme, kept afloat by the occasional tech advance; absent the discovery of some very cheap source of energy like fusion, it will come to an end. If the technology emerges to keep globalism afloat indefinitely, all reactionary thinking and activity will go into the ashcan o’ history, and the Devil wins.

Counter-revolution is not a fantasy, nor is its success assured. But we must try. It is our duty.
Et Servietis Nobis.


15 thoughts on “Counter-Revolution

  1. What are the criteria for recognizing a potential Constantine? What qualities would this new Monarch possess? Do you say Constantine instead of Caesar for religious reasons?

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    • Good questions. The answers are worthy of another post, probably several. A martial ethos, self-discipline & a grounding in virtue, training in statesmanship, and initiation into the ancient mysteries would be necessary qualities, though.


      • “Initiation into the ancient mysteries”? That’s vague. Secret societies and their predatory rituals are part of what drives me to the periphery in the first place.


      • There’s nothing predatory about initiation. Baptism into any apostolic version of Christianity represents initiation; the Philokalia was written by initiates. The Order will be a private society, though not a secret one as its existence will be known.


  2. How do we know that this isn’t some sort of attempt to “aggregate” potential trouble-making counter-revolutionaries so that when the global order is fully revealed, their names and information are able to be provided to the thrice-wretched antichrist?

    In America, for instance, a young white male going to a skinhead rally is more likely to get hooked up with federal agents than with an actual ideologue. Same with the young muslim male going to an American mosque. The idea is: be extreme to attract the extremists and thereby destroy what you deem to be extremist.

    I like the article, though. Whether you mean it (are actually one of us Christians who lead a sort of double existence) or are an FBI/SPLC hack trying to aggregate an audience to infiltrate or influence– great rhetoric.

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      • That doesn’t really answer my question. I could answer you, but I’m not the one advertising a school or a shadow society. Do you have any pedigree for your teachings or practices? Any connections to some person to whom you could point?

        I’m an Orthodox Christian. I could, for example, say that my spiritual father is the priest Joseph at a parish called “Assumption”, who is himself a spiritual child of the elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra, and that I read and deeply respect the writings of modern holy persons such as the Elder Ephraim, or of near contemporaries such as Archimandrite Seraphim Rose of blessed memory.

        With whom are you attached? What living people have a relationship with you who could, if contacted, say that you are legitimate? Who is Aristokles and is he your teacher?

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      • Aristokles and I are both Antiochian Orthodox Christians. Our work is connected to the 4th Way through a line of teachers. Yes, Aristokles is my teacher. His spiritual father was one Father Simeon who I believe is still alive.


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